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App gives women a chance to let their hair down

25 : 03 : 2012 The House Of Mikko : Beauty : Personalisation

By Peter Firth and Yolanda O’Leary

San Francisco – A new social beauty app by beauty recommendation service House of Mikko enables women to create profiles identifying their unique features, and to use this information to recommend suitable beauty products.

The I Love Your Hair app lets women share their hair features and upload photos of their hairstyles. It then connects them to a network of other women who have similar features, and enables them to share what has worked or not worked for them in the past.

‘Choosing beauty products can be a very difficult, personal process, especially for ethnic women,’ says company founder Kimberly Dillon. ‘The House of Mikko recommendation service is built around connecting people. Once a user fills out a comprehensive beauty profile, we give her recommendations based on the best products used by women with similar features, so she can see which ones they buy and how well they have worked.’

This is an intuitive recommendation service that enables women to share beauty tips. For more on how technology and social networking are changing the beauty industry, read our Beauty Futures report.

Love Your Hair app Love Your Hair app
Love Your Hair app Love Your Hair app