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LG's Magic remote control is a good listener

12.02.2012 LG Electronics : Magic Remote : Remote Control

By Peter Firth and Ellie Osborne

Seoul – LG Electronics has developed the Magic Remote smart remote control unit that uses voice recognition technology to operate LG’s connected tvs.

The new remote control unit has a variety of functions and enables people to search for programmes and web content using speech, in a similar way to Apple’s iPhone 4S. Users can also control the cursor with gestures, and a rollerball interface lets them scroll through content.

LG is pushing its tvs’ 3D capabilities with a button on the remote control that changes programmes and films from 2D to 3D. The Magic Remote works with LG’s Cinema 3D smart tv model.

This is a more intuitive way for people to consume content on connected tvs. For more on how new media technology is presenting content to people in a more fluid way, read our Future Media Landscapes macrotrend.

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