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Beauty reflects success among China's Powerful Peacocks

22 : 03 : 2012 China : Social Butterflies : Powerful Peacocks

New York – There are striking differences in how consumers around the world view beauty and buy beauty products, according to the Truth About Beauty report by advertising agency McCann Worldgroup, which surveyed 20,000 people in 15 countries.

Chinese women, for example, are far more likely to make big changes to their beauty regime: 63% do so every few months, compared with 29% of British women.

The report, which identifies six beauty consumer groups, labels Chinese women Powerful Peacocks, as they are the group most likely to believe that beauty reflects success: 46% of them do so.

Other beauty consumers identified by the report include the Seductive Foxes, who believe beauty is about being sexy and getting what they want: 34% of Brazilians feel this way. There are also the Social Butterflies, who view beauty as a social experience and a chance to swap tips among friends: 43% of Mexicans see beauty this way. And then there are the Graceful Swans, who think beauty reflects confidence and contentment, and is not the most important thing in life: 39% of French women and 33% of British women feel this way.

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