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Marketing angle disrupts Tata Nano sales drive

01 : 03 : 2012 Automotive : Murad Ali Baig : Emerging Economies

Delhi – The Tata Nano car has failed to revolutionise the Indian auto market as pundits and analysts expected.

In 2009, Indian car company Tata Group launched the Nano in a bid to make driving accessible to India’s growing car market.

Now, three years on, the car has failed to reach even its conservative sales targets, and has not achieved the 20,000 sales per month that it needs in order to break even.

Tata Nano by Tata Group, India Tata Nano by Tata Group, India

‘The car did not project the correct image,’ says Indian auto journalist Murad Ali Baig. ‘Also, for the same price as the Nano, there are respectable second-hand cars, which have air conditioning.’

As reported in LS:N Global’s Innovate feature, the Tata Nano was a great example of a counter-intuitive idea in the Anarconomy Decade, but the Nano’s marketing as an affordable car has worked to its detriment. For steps on how to make your brand work in this era of disruption, read our Anarconomy Decade Toolkit.