Naresh Ramchandani : New brand storytelling

03 : 12 : 2012 Pentagram : Naresh Ramchandani : Storytelling

Brands can use a variety of new media channels to connect with customers. Amid this new networked media model, Naresh Ramchandani, partner at advertising agency Pentagram, believes stories will always be crucial to companies, and that now, in an increasingly connected world, they have nowhere to hide.

‘Increasingly, digital media means total transparency,’ says Ramchandani. ‘Consumers are not desensitised to authenticity, they are demanding it.’

Our top five take-outs

1. Give your brand a story. ‘The notion of a story with a beginning, a middle and an end is appealing to us as humans,’ says Ramchandani.

2. Digital = transparency. News, good and bad, moves faster in a connected world. Brands are expected to be accountable immediately.

3. Enable your brand to make a stand. As Ramchandani explains, companies that can be a force for good are resonating with people. For more on this, read our Brandstanding microtrend.

4. Understand the importance of authenticity. Customers are more empowered to ask, as the digital world opens up a channel through which people can talk to brands in a public sphere.

5. Think Faction. As reported in our Faction Marketing macrotrend, smart brands are combining fact and fiction to create hyper-real and rich experiences for people.