The US Air Force uses VR game to drive recruitment

21.07.2017 Digital : Advertising : Gaming
Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall by GSD&M, US

US – Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall aims to tap into gamers’ speedy reaction times and sense of tactical awareness.

The US Air Force partnered with Sony PlayStation and ad agency GSD&M to create the game, in which players assume the role of a trainee Special Ops pilot. The game features a jump school, where players learn how to do a high altitude low opening (HALO) jump, and enables them to participate in simulated night landings and combat missions.

The collaboration marks the first time that PlayStation has partnered with a brand to co-produce a VR game. After successfully completing each challenge, players are directed to the US Air Force website, where they can learn more about the organisation and submit an application.

‘Gamers are innate problem-solvers in high-pressure situations, making them the target audience for the most technologically advanced brand in the world – the US Air Force,’ says Jay Russell, chief creative officer at GSD&M.

The Big Picture

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