Komorebi creates natural light impression

12.07.2017 Technology : Product Design : Hospitality
Komorebi by Leslie Nooteboom, UK

UK – The robotic projector replicates the light and shadows created by sunlight shining through a window.

Created by Royal College of Art graduate Leslie Nooteboom, Komorebi creates generative lighting effects that mimic natural phenomena such as sunlight filtering through the branches of a tree, a warm sunset behind mesh curtains and reflections from a pool of water to boost users’ mood.

The projector uses a motor to move light across a space, replicating the natural movement of the sun throughout the day. To make the effect appear more natural, an element of randomness is programmed into the device that changes how the shadows move and enables varying levels of brightness.

According to Nooteboom, Komorebi aims to address the lack of natural light in many modern dwellings. ‘Homes become a place of isolation from the outside,’ the designer told Creative Applications. ‘Windows are absent or so tiny that even the idea of nature disappears, and lighting has become so artificial that there is no sense of day, time or place anymore.’

The Big Picture

  • As hospitality brands explore the potential of underground spaces to ease congestion in cities, products such as Komorebi may increasingly be used in naturally dark locations to increase their appeal
  • Brands are using different lighting effects to improve consumers’ mood. Read our macrotrend The Focus Filter to find out more