New ad for Criminal Case Pacific Bay targets female gamers

16.06.2017 Digital : Gaming : Culture
Criminal Case Pacific Bay by Untitled Worldwide, France

France – The campaign is in response to the finding that 80% of the game’s active players are women.

Created by marketing agency Untitled World, the tv ad features a host of middle-aged women uniting to hunt the game’s villain. The women, who range from a mother on the school run to a doctor in medical scrubs, are followed as they run action-hero style to defeat the male criminal.

In contrast with gaming stereotypes, research by Untitled World for the campaign found that 80% of Criminal Case's audience were women aged between 30 and 55. In the US gaming market, about 41% of gamers are female, according to a report by Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

Despite these figures, females are rarely targeted in gaming adverts, particularly for games with an action-based narrative, such as Criminal Case.

The Big Picture

  • Brands are recognising that as gaming moves beyond a niche pastime and into the mainstream, typical gaming stereotypes are no longer applicable
  • These brands need to diversify their offerings in order to engage with a wider audience and remain relevant within this evolving landscape. For more, see our Video Games Market report