A personal approach

02.02.2017 Audi : The E-motional Economy : Advertising
#City by Nowness and Factory Fifteen for Audi, Global

Global – Audi has released a new video campaign focused on individuality.

  • The film focuses on self-expression in four different cities
  • Called #City, it is part of a wider video series now showing on Nowness

Commissioned by Nowness on behalf of Audi, the film is part of Untaggable, a video series that aims to show that ‘the best things in life are impossible to define’.

The film, #City, is a dynamic and visual look at self-expression in different cities, with a particular focus on La Paz, Tokyo, London and New Orleans. The film is accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack by vocalist Gaika, and was directed by Factory Fifteen.

‘#City takes us on a global adventure through the urban experience,’ said Factory Fifteen in a statement. ‘A dynamic and visual love letter to the city, the film interweaves moments of strength, individuality and self-expression.’

Other films in the series include ‘#fashion is in the eye of the beholder’, ‘How does #music move us?’ and ‘What is #perfection?’, and also take a personal, emotion-led approach to the campaign.

The Big Picture

By creating emotion-led content and letting products take a back seat, customers are becoming more engaged. For more, see The E-motional Economy macrotrend.