CES 2017: Rest and rebuild

09.01.2017 Under Armour : CES 2017 : UA Record
Athlete Recovery Sleepwear by Under Armour, Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Under Armour is investing in recovery with the launch of its sleepwear line.

  • Inspired by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s dedication to sleep as part of his training routine, the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear works to help the body recover while asleep
  • The fabric is embedded with a bioceramic material known to improve sleep quality

Brady has a strict sleep schedule during the football season, which involves getting eight hours of sleep. Under Armour and Brady created a set of pyjamas that would enhance sleep, ensuring his body is getting maximum recovery. The technology from those pyjamas has now been used in the consumer-ready RecoverySleepwear set.

The fabric is lined with bioceramic material that absorbs infrared wavelengths emitted from the body and reflects back Far Infared wavelengths, which are capable of penetrating deep into the muscle tissue and have been shown to improve sleep.

Under Armour is also updating its UA Record app to reflect an increasing connection between sleep and wellness. The app will now enable people to track their sleep, giving a 14-day sleep score to let users know how they are sleeping and offering recommendations.

The Big Picture

Recovery is becoming a more essential part of everyday athletes’ regimens. For more, see the Snapbac Activate, and for further coverage from CES, look at our Briefing, Behaviours and Shows sections.

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