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Grime Goes Green by Clean Air Now, London Grime Goes Green by Clean Air Now, London

London launches incubator to tackle climate change

15 : 06 : 2017 Sustainability : Digital : Technology

London – The move is part of an initiative that aims to make the capital a leading smart city.

The clean technology initiative, Better Futures, will help 100 London-based small businesses deliver low-carbon, clean-tech products to drive forward reductions in the effects of climate change.

The incubator, which is now accepting applications, also gives selected businesses access to co-working space, as well as business and research support.

The announcement was made at the opening of London Tech Week, where Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called on global technology innovators to drive developments to reduce the impact of climate change. As consumers’ concern about pollution and climate change increases, cities such as New York and Pittsburgh are calling on the technology industry to improve our future living environments.

‘The potential for cutting-edge technology to tackle a host of social, economic and environmental challenges is immeasurable,’ said Khan. ‘From air pollution and climate change to housing and transport, new technologies and data science will be at the heart of the long-term solutions to urban challenges.’

The announcement comes after several warnings about pollution in London. Within the first five days of 2017, the city had breached its annual air pollution limits.

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