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Perfume primers

09 : 01 : 2017 Scent Invest : Canvas & Concrete : Perfume

New York – Scentinvent Technologies and Canvas & Concrete have released innovative new fragrance primers.

  • The primers work to prolong the lifespan and consistency of scent when applied to the skin
  • Because fragrances last longer, consumers will save money in the long run
  • According to Statista, the global fragrance industry is expected to be worth £34.7bn ($42.9bn, €40.5bn) by 2020
Linger by Scentinvent Technologies, New York Linger by Scentinvent Technologies, New York

Having noticed that one of the biggest problems facing the fragrance industry is the lifespan and consistency of a perfume when applied to the skin, both brands have released a fragrance primer to tackle the issue.

Linger by Scentinvent Technologies uses what it calls ‘a fine matrix of silicone polymers’ to create an invisible shield that captures and holds scent to the skin. Delivered in the form of a light liquid spray, the oil-in-water emulsion also combats the drying properties of ethanol, an alcohol that makes up 80% of fragrances.

Canvas & Concrete is another brand whose all-natural fragrance primer creates a barrier between your perfume and your skin. Applying the primer prevents the scent from mixing with your body’s pH value to ensure the perfume remains the product you purchased.

‘Not only is there [an] inherent need for people to have their fragrance last longer,’ Heath Miller, CEO and founder of Canvas & Concrete, told Observer. ‘But it also results in less money spent on more expensive scents. It’s a win-win.’

In the skincare industry too, the growth of primers has been significant, highlighting their potential in fragrances. According to NPD Group, CC creams and make-up primers alone contributed more than £397m ($490m, €464.4m) to the US beauty industry in 2015, a rise of 58% in two years.

The Big Picture

The fragrance industry is booming, leaving growing innovation gaps waiting to be filled by products such as the fragrance primer. Read more in our Global Beauty Market 2016 report.