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GoldFusion by Rhone, New York GoldFusion by Rhone, New York

Gold standard

06 : 01 : 2017 Rhone : GoldFusion : Nanotechnology

New York ­­– Lifestyle brand Rhone has launched GoldFusion, a gold-infused high-performance fabric nanotechnology.

  • GoldFusion garments are designed to dry faster, last longer, fight odour and be environmentally friendly
  • The technology has been introduced via Indiegogo with a curation of different items that include T-shirts and towels
  • According to Morgan Stanley, the global activewear industry is expected to achieve an additional £66.8bn ($83bn, €78.3bn) in sales by 2020

The technology, which was developed alongside biochemists, draws out moisture faster and keeps clothes fresher for longer. It is completely environmentally friendly with 24-carat gold nanoparticles infused directly onto the garment to reduce waste and material loss.

With GoldFusion, a shirt dries up to three times faster than tested market leaders. It also incorporates odour-neutralising particles that remain 99% effective after 100 washes, as well as UV protection and improved colour fastness to reduce fading.

Rhone believes that huge logos and cheap venting designs of other brands on the market are holding customers back in terms of their performance, and has been designing premium activewear for men focused on anti-obsolescence since 2014.

The GoldFusion technology has been introduced via a pre-launch campaign on Indiegogo with a curated assortment of items that will hit retailers across the US in spring 2017. So far, the technology has been applied to T-shirts, shorts, pullovers and towels.

The fashion industry increasingly faces frugal consumer spending and athleisure continues to be a major driver of growth, especially among younger Generation D consumers.

The Big Picture

With the athleisure market growing so fast, brands are filling growing gaps with technology-infused garments focused on quality and anti-obsolescence. For more, see our Athleisure Market report.