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03 : 01 : 2017 Artifical Intelligence : AI : Healthcare

US – Remedy is a new medical app that is partly powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Remedy offers an unlimited access subscription service for £24.25 ($30, €28.75) per month
  • The app pools data from a range of healthcare providers to provide a diagnosis
  • Patients can choose between physicians on the Remedy team

With the tagline ‘Humanize Healthcare: Focus on people, not paperwork’, Remedy aims to provide cheap and efficient medical care. Developed by a team of medical experts from Harvard Medical School and MIT, the app enables users to talk to a qualified physician whenever and wherever they are.

The initiative streamlines the consultation process by automating both triage and the patients’ electronic medical record entry. This means users who are most in need of medical attention can be prioritised and the outcome of the appointment can be recorded without the physician having to dedicate any time to these often time-consuming processes.

During the consultation, patients are asked to record a video summarising their ailment and the app then prompts them to provide further videos and images if necessary. After diagnosis, subscribers receive a digital prescription, which they can use in the pharmacy. Any treatment that cannot be prescribed through Remedy will be referred to a doctor covered by the user’s medical plan.

Concerns around privacy are abated on Remedy’s website, where it states that the app is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which regulates data privacy for safeguarding medical records.

Technology is playing a leading role in evolving the infrastructure of the medical profession. The UK-based health app Echo uses AI to assume control of patients’ repeat prescriptions, allowing them to order in-app and reminding them how and when to take their medication.

The Big Picture

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