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11.05.2018 Fashion : Drinks : Food

Bonobos’ campaign showcases its inclusive sizing, Artesian triggers memories with flavour, Ketel One crafts a diet vodka.

1. Bonobos demonstrates its fit on 172 models

However You Fit, Bonobos, US

US – The menswear brand is championing its inclusive sizing in its most expensive campaign to date, Project172. The initial 30-second advert spot features 172 models wearing the brand’s trousers to showcase many size and fit options.

While body diversity is often a topic of debate in women’s fashion circles, it is rarely explicitly talked about in menswear. ‘There’s a really interesting conversation to be had around the evolution of masculinity, and the power of diversity and inclusivity,’ Micky Onvural, co-president of the brand, told AdAge. He adds, ‘Bonobos as a brand could not just have an impact on the men that it sells to and how they see themselves, but also have an impact on the conversation.’

Following the campaign, the brand will release a mini-documentary discussing what masculinity means to the 172 individuals that took part. For more on the growing body diversity conversation amongst men, look out for our New Masculinity series, launching May 18th.

2. Artesian launches new menu based on key memories

'That moment when... You went travelling' Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London 'That moment when... You went travelling' Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London
'That moment when... It all began', Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London 'That moment when... It all began', Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London
'That moment when... You turned 30', Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London 'That moment when... You turned 30', Artesian Moments by Artesian, The Langham, London

London – The renowned bar, located within The Langham, has announced the release of its latest menu, which is inspired by life-defining moments.

The menu, Artesian Moments, is centred around flavours and feelings associated with the most prominent moments in people’s lives. Head bartender Remy Savage and bar manager Anna Sebastian surveyed more than 500 people to gather data about the feelings and flavours relating to key events such as learning to riding a bike or falling in love. From this, a 17-drink cocktail menu was born.

This list includes beverages such as ‘That moment when… it all began’, a mix of apricot eau-de-vie, vanilla, jasmine and salt, and ‘That moment when… you turned 30’, combining Glenfiddich 15 with sauternes, orange wine and isolated tannins. Alongside the cocktails, Artesian commissioned artist Tatiana Blinova to create a series of evocative collages to reflect each memory for the menu.

The menu aims to ‘create a deeply personal menu for our guests,’ explains Savage. ‘One that can be enjoyed collectively, but still inspire an individual memory.’

For more on how brands are using the language of emotions to connect to consumers on a deeper level, see our macrotrend, The Emotional Economy.

3. Start-up hopes to reduce China's meat consumption

Hong Kong – Sustainable start-up Right Treat has launched Omnipork, a vegan blend of pea, soy, mushrooms and rice that mimics the succulent texture and juicy mouth-feel of pork meat, in a bid to transform eating habits in China.

Pork accounts for 65% of meat eaten in China, yet concerns are heightening around the environmental impact of livestock farming and waste produce. Echoing Finless Foods, a laboratory-grown fish company, Right Treat is positioning Omnipork as a sustainable food choice. It describes the product as a ‘superfood’ alternative to pork that is free from cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones, 71% lower in saturated fat and 62% lower in calories.

Targeting Hong Kong’s foodie scene, Right Treat has partnered with Michelin-starred chefs at the Cordis Hotel and Marriott Hong Kong, to develop Omnipork dishes for their menus.

Omnipork by Right Treat Omnipork by Right Treat

4. Ketel One offers a lower-ABV vodka

Ketel One Botanical Vodka, US Ketel One Botanical Vodka, US
Ketel One Botanical Vodka, US Ketel One Botanical Vodka, US

US – The spirits brand is expanding its offering with a new botanical 30% ABV vodka – a first of its kind in the US market.

Technically, it cannot be classified as a vodka due US and European regulations, where neutral distilled spirits must be bottled at 40% ABV. Instead, that new flavoured spirit, Ketel One Botanical is ‘made with vodka‘ and is infused with natural fruit and botanical essences. Flavours include: Peach & Orange Blossom, made with white peaches and bold notes of orange, Cucumber & Mint, combining light tones of fresh garden mint with crisp cucumbers and Grapefruit & Rose with refined elegance of rose petals.

With the rise in socially-conscious drink consumption, lower alcohol offerings are becoming a staple for consumers. While still relatively high in comparison to others on offer, Ketel One Botanical is entryway for those who enjoy vodka-based drinks but are looking to lighten their alcohol intake.

5. Solo parenting is on the rise

New research from the Pew Research Centre, examining the marital status of parents in the United States, has found that there is growing number of children living with unmarried parents.

Due to the decline in marriage and increase in births outside of marriage, solo mothers – defined as those who are raising at least one child with no spouse or partner in the home – has risen from 12% to 21% since 1968. More so, the share of children living with solo fathers has also quadrupled, increasing from 1% in 1968 to 4% in 2017.

As we continue to realise the complexity of contemporary relationships, brands are beginning to recognise that the idealised vision of family no longer resonates with consumers. Alternatively, they must consider how to target single-parent households as well as the traditional family format, something that hospitality brands are already increasingly catering for.

6. Thought-starter: How can beauty brands champion black hair?

Antonia Opiah, the founder of Un-ruly, an online community dedicated to black hair, discusses the launch of at-home hairstyling service Yeluchi and how it combats the inequalities of the beauty industry.

Un-Ruly is a website dedicated to black hair and to black women. The platform looks to provide women with the basics of black hair, such as the how-tos and whats trending, but also explores the politics, the history and how it relates to their identity.

While Un-Ruly is intended to mimic the community of a salon experience online, Yeluchi is for when women do not have the time to head to a salon.

‘I launched Yeluchi for selfish reasons – because I needed a service like it. One of the big issues that I found was that certain types of hairstyles can be very time-intensive. Some hairstyles, depending on the length and the width, can take up to seven or eight hours,’ she says.

When it comes to championing black hair, she advises bigger brands to ‘lead with getting to know the consumer – getting to know her intrinsic and more superficial needs as well as what role you can play, given the type of company you are.’

Read the full Q&A here.

Yeluchi by Un-ruly, New York Yeluchi by Un-ruly, New York
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