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Becks Brazil introduces beer dedicated to seniors' palate, pet owners turn to private jets to fly cats and dogs, and why smoking in the US is lower than ever.

Beck’s Brazil launches limited-edition beer for over-70s

Beck's, Brazil

Brazil – Acknowledging the growing recognition of the pro-age movement and the individual needs of older consumers, Beck’s Brewery has launched a limited-edition beer for those over 70.

Repackaged in silver grey colours, the beer has been reformulated with stronger bitter notes in view of how our taste buds age and develop more resistance to acidic flavours.

The brand has launched an anti-ageism campaign imagined by AKQA-Brazil alongside the release of Beck’s 70+. A parody short film features an older consumer having to produce ID as proof of age to buy a six-pack. In a tongue-in-cheek twist, the product is only available in stores when customers show their 70+ ID. The campaign also features billboards and posters showcasing individuals aged 70 and over challenging stereotypes while enjoying the age-positive brew.

‘The idea of ageing well, which used to be limited to a younger appearance, without wrinkles or grey hair, has gained new meanings,’ says Rodrigo Barbosa, creative director at AKQA. 'Today, ageing well is being able to continue enjoying all the most delicious experiences in life – including a great beer. It is a dialogue with the pro-ageing culture movement, which understands that age does not limit people's desires and aspirations.’

Overall, the promotion celebrates ageing in a new light – a democratic approach to drinking culture which we addressed in our Adaptive Appetites macrotrend.

Strategic opportunity

It is time to start acknowledging the unique needs of older consumers, without condescension or assumption. How are you exploring the Flat Age future of your business?

Workplace wellbeing platform Unmind receives Ragged Edge rebranding

Unmind, UK Unmind, UK
Unmind, UK Unmind, UK

Global – Unmind, a global platform through which employers can prioritise the mental health of their employees, has undergone a bold and vibrant rebranding designed by London-based branding agency Ragged Edge.

Backed by rigorous research and data, Unmind supports more than 2.5m users across 100 countries with interactive courses, tracking and assessments supporting psychological wellbeing to change how businesses think about mental health. Ragged Edge was brought in to reject the play-it-safe approach common in mental health communications. The agency built the new visual identity around ‘change you can feel’ by using a bold yellow colour – a beacon of hope – and combining human passion and statistical proof. The group photography shows strength in numbers, and the logo ‘People people, unite’ focuses on human experiences in the discussion around mental health.

As discussed in our Work States Futures macrotrend report, organisations seek solutions that move beyond their workplace and offer holistic wellness suited to employees’ post-pandemic lifestyles.

Strategic opportunity

Employers should rethink their approach to mental health awareness at work by finding inspiration in Unmind’s commitment to spreading joy rather than doom. How can your HR team come up with newsletters, events or leaflets that move away from warning about burnout, anxiety or depression symptoms?

Private jets are a safe haven for pet transport

UK – K9 Jets, a private jet charter company from Birmingham, England, addresses a growing concern among pet owners who wish to travel with their animals without the hassle of flying commercially. Its inaugural flight took off at the end of April 2023, carrying onboard 10 humans, nine dogs and a sphinx cat.

Pet owners have long been frustrated with the challenges faced when trying to transport their pets. Commercial flights have a complicated set of rules that vary by airline. Service animals –not considered pets – can be in the cabin, but others must travel as cargo. Even animals that can fly inside cabins must fit under the seat in front of the passenger, a rule that most pet owners have found arbitrary, according to The New York Times. Pets transported in cargo face fluctuating temperatures, poor ventilation and inappropriate handling.

Private jet services have stepped in to offer a solution. Some allow dogs under 150 pounds to sit on an aircraft seat, while others don’t levy extra charges for pets on a passenger ticket. Companies are also helping clients navigate country-specific laws and gather accurate documents. These seats do not come cheap, however, with a price tag that can run into thousands of dollars, even for domestic journeys. As discussed in our Pet Hospitality microtrend, new pet owners are ready to travel post-pandemic and actively seek animal-friendly services.

Boo Oh, US

Strategic opportunity

The rapid growth in the post-pandemic pet economy goes beyond the private jet market; hospitality brands, including hotels, restaurants and cafes, should consider how to create spaces that are pet-friendly to appeal to their owners

Adult smoking rate hits all-time low in the US

Houseplant by Seth Rogen rebranded by MA-MA and Pràctica, US Houseplant by Seth Rogen rebranded by MA-MA and Pràctica, US

US – According to preliminary data from the biannual National Health Interview Survey released on 5 May 2023, about 11% of US adults surveyed in 2021 said they were cigarette smokers. Commissioned by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the survey included responses from 27,000 people aged 18 and older. In 2020 and 2021, the same study stated that about 12.5% of US adults smoked cigarettes. Americans have been smoking less for decades due to cigarette taxes, tobacco product price hikes, smoking bans in public spaces and growing awareness of the dangers of smoking. Back in the mid-1960s, some 42% of US adults were smokers.

The CDC also highlighted that e-cigarette use rose to nearly 6% in 2022, from about 4.5% in 2021. Young consumers are driving this surge, with 14% of high school students admitting to using e-cigarettes while only 2% of high school students smoked cigarettes in 2022.

In our Cannabis Market report, we analysed how British American Tobacco is already preparing for its survival by investing £48m ($57m, €54m) in Charlotte’s Web, a market leader in hemp-derived CBD wellness products.

Strategic opportunity

As cigarette smoking continues to fall in Western markets, consider how your business can join the tobacco industry in embracing wellness, vaping and smoking-adjacent products

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