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BBC Bitesize turns to absurd humour to alert Gen Z on misinformation, Simon Skinner’s elevated Afro hair combs and why Hong Kong is the horniest region.

BBC Bitesize campaign aims to prevent misinformation among students

Don’t Learn off Randoms by BBC Bitesize, UK

UK – The BBC’s learning platform Bitesize has launched a new video campaign with humorous clips to warn students not to use unverified user-generated content when revising for exams. Don’t Learn Off Randoms was launched before exam season, when students are most likely to turn to the internet to assist with their revision.

Owing to the proliferation of user-generated platforms and the increased dissemination of misinformation, students are likely to use false or unverified information in their exams. BBC Bitesize – an exam board-approved platform – developed the campaign with the help of the in-house agency BBC Creative. The shorts, directed by Danish film-maker Bine Bach Damsgård, are being rolled out on young consumers’ favourite social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

In The Zalpha Reckoning, we looked at how this youngest generation are the most digitally native, yet they are not immune to online misinformation.

Strategic opportunity

To reach Generation Zalpha, brands must consider out-of-the-box narratives and campaigns that include absurd humour and aesthetics

Designer Simon Skinner introduces elevated hand-moulded Afro hair combs

Syntax by Simon Skinner, Sweden Syntax by Simon Skinner, Sweden
Syntax by Simon Skinner, Sweden Syntax by Simon Skinner, Sweden

Sweden – After a first breakthrough in 2019 with innovative combs, Swedish artist and industrial designer Simon Skinner continues to pay homage to his Afro-Caribbean heritage with a new Syntax collection of eight hand-made hair accessories. Skinner’s creations find inspiration in everything from barber shops as safe spaces for Black individuals to neolithic examples of Afro picks made from bones. The combs are already available in limited edition and retail from £62 ($77, €70) to £202 ($251, €229).

‘Historically, the afro comb has been used as a ceremonial vessel of social status, as well as resistance and compassion,’ the designer told Vogue Scandinavia. ‘My intent is to reflect those values and introduce them to a future high-brow society.’

In our most recent Haircare Market, we looked at how brands answer customers’ growing expectations for functional personal care by releasing new products, elevating natural hair and boosting sensory experiences. Simon Skinner’s work should remind beauty players that there is empowerment in tailoring products and devices to historically underprivileged communities.

Strategic opportunity

Consider how your business can bring day-to-day non-Western devices to the next level with innovative designs and materials while paying homage to the artefact’s roots and ethos

Campsited’s Bleisure packages take remote workers to the great outdoors

Global – In line with emerging corporate policies encouraging digital nomadism and hybrid working, Campsited’s Open Air Work From Anywhere allows workers to combine remote working with camping in open air settings. The programme aims to make it easier for companies to propose work abroad packages for their hybrid or remote employees.

Imagined by Campsited, a ‘digital marketplace for the open-air economy’, the initiative uses a vast accommodation network to create Bleisure trip offerings. Starting with up to 12 week-long escapes in France, Italy and Spain, the programme will soon expand into the US and South Africa.

Intended for Wandering Workers, Campsited’s programme provides all of the necessary amenities for remote working, such as reliable wifi and office spaces, and proximity to the great outdoors and surrounding nature. Easy to roll out for employers and hassle-free for workers who want to swap their morning commute for a hike, the programme is designed to help improve employees’ health, happiness and drive.

Campsited, Ireland

Strategic opportunity

The future of work is work states rather than workplaces. How can the hospitality industry cater for the expanding needs of hybrid and remote workers?

Stat: Lovehoney global study crowns Hong Kong as horniest region

Howl, UK Howl, UK

Global – LibidOlympics, a global study released in April 2023 by sexual wellness brand Lovehoney, reveals that Hong Kong is the region with the highest libido. The company surveyed 22,000 sexually active respondents of all genders by asking them to rate their libido on a scale of one to 10. With a rating of 7.16, the city and special administrative region of China landed the number one spot, followed by Italy (6.93), Spain (6.91) and the US (6.46). Japan was at the bottom of the list with a rating of 4.73.

The results hint at a shift in China regarding conversations about sex and old taboos. Hong Kong-based relationship therapist Valentina Tudose told HypeBae: ‘These are very promising results for the Hong Kong population, previously thought to experience relatively low satisfaction levels in the bedroom. It is wonderful that Hong Kong women are open to speaking about their interest in sex and let go of old beliefs around female sexuality.’

In It’s Time Sexual Wellness Got Real, we previously looked at how an intersectional lens is crucial to sexual wellness R&D, especially for brands seeking opportunities in emerging countries.

Strategic opportunity

Younger consumers in Asia are breaking generational taboos, including sex, religion and gender stereotypes. Consider how to appeal to this group with innovative offers, from sex toys to fashion, while keeping in mind that they remain distinct from Western Millennials and Gen Z

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