Nick Knight: Digital creativity

05 : 10 : 2015 Nick Knight : Fashion Film : Transmedia Futures
Nick Knight Inform

Just imagine what Man Ray would have done with Photoshop! Now we have a completely new set of parameters for image-making.

Nick Knight, founder, SHOWstudio

Nick Knight founded SHOWstudio to be the Vogue of fashion film. Here he recalls pushing Alexander McQueen to stream his final catwalk show, describes why designers such as Gareth Pugh like to perform their artistic process live, and asserts that all of the best creative output is fundamentally personal.

Top five take-outs

1. Keep fashion and media platforms attuned to the contemporary spirit.

2. Experiment freely with new techniques offered by changing technology to create and innovate.

3. Use digital’s interactive capacities to foster live exchange between creatives and their audience.

4. Maximise the performativity that digital platforms offer to celebrate the spectacle of fashion and art.

5. Don’t remove the passion from creative content in a bid to satisfy spurious marketing goals.