Wai-Cheun Cheung: The next Google

14 : 07 : 2015 Google : SEO : Amazon
Wai-Cheun Cheung, Metadrift

We are in need of new tools and environments to explore on the internet.

Wai-Cheun Cheung, Metadrift inventor

Metadrift suggests the solution to a fundamental problem with search engines – one that even Google has been unable to crack. By encouraging users to wander within search terms, it enables them to encounter new ideas and explore serendipitous connections.

​Top five take outs

1. Invest in discovery. ‘Search engines only really show us what we were already looking for or expecting to find,’ says Cheung.

2. Burst the Filter Bubble. Help people to escape from the feedback loop of algorithmically selected destinations.

3. Visualise your data. The deluge of information created on the internet can only be useful if we can access it in ways we can understand.

4. Be inefficient. The quickest route from A to B is not always the most interesting, or even the most useful.

5. Lose your way. Metadrift enables creativity by allowing users to lose themselves in information.