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Sculpture vulture: Ceramic 3D printing is a snap

11 : 01 : 2012 CES : Sculpteo : International CES

Las Vegas – French 3D printing firm Sculpteo has created an app that incorporates users’ photographs into the design of ceramic objects.

The app converts photos taken on a smartphone into 3D images, which are then transformed into ceramic objects such as bowls, plates and mugs.

The app’s interface lets users change the size, dimensions and colour of a finished product, as well as selecting a material. Once users have specified the size and dimensions of an object, Sculpteo provides a quote for the ceramic, which they can then order.

Speaking to LS:N Global at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the app was launched, Sculpteo CEO Clément Moreau said: ‘This is the first app ever to transform human data into a 3D-printed object via a smartphone. It enables people to have a personalised object that they have created themselves.’

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