Digital art: Exhibition explores wireless displays

18 : 03 : 2013 Kim Asendorf : Emilie Gervais : JODI

Paris – The XPO Gallery in Paris is experimenting with a new platform for presenting art, displaying it digitally, with visitors accessing it via wireless networks.

Brands are looking at new and innovative ways to display and collect art, turning towards digital formats. For more, see our Robert Norton Inform feature.

The exhibition Offline Art: New2 is a selection of work from 14 high-profile artists who all work digitally and online. Each piece of artwork is assigned to a single wifi router and wireless network. Visitors can then access the art by connecting to a network via their phones, tablets or laptops. 

To create the experience of a gallery, each router is hung on the walls like a frame holding a work of art. Users can then connect to each router to see each piece individually, with the name of the routers reflecting the different artists’ names. 

This exhibition format is designed to represent how digital files can be copied endlessly, without any loss of quality and shows that web culture signifies an endless sharing of files. 

Participating artists include Kim Asendorf, Claude Closky, Dragan Espenschied, Faith Holland, JODI, Emilie Gervais and Sarah Weis.