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04.01.2016 AVE : Female Sexuality : Copenhagen

Copenhagen – Short film My Room by Danish sex toy brand AVE offers an honest glimpse into the female mind.

  • Directed by Mette Carla Albrechtsen, the film examines female sexuality
  • ‘We wanted to bring back honesty and familiarity to its portrayal’ – AVE

Finding a balance between intimacy, art, sex and truth is no easy task. With its poetic style, AVE’s pseudo-documentary reveals the thoughts of Agnes, a dancer from Copenhagen. Alone in her apartment, she talks candidly about the things that turn her on, sharing intimate details about her fantasies.

The slow, playful style of the film reflects the subtle yet powerful emotions felt during sex. ‘In the film, nothing happens, she’s just a girl home alone giving small hints of how she likes to fantasise. It’s an aesthetic note on a mind game,’ Albrechtsen explains.

What This Means

From pornography to promiscuity, a new era is shaping how we perceive and talk about sexuality. For more on catering for the nuances of the female mind, read our She Comes First microtrend.

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