Yesim Kunter : Play to connect

07 : 10 : 2013 Yesim Kunter : Play : Business

Futurologist and play expert Yesim Kunter wants to use play to inform business, and believes that Generation I will be the most receptive to this new way of working.

‘Their work attitude is going to be a little bit different. Generation I will understand that life is not all about work, and will prize the idea of quality of life,’ she tells LS:N Global. ‘Generation I’s cognition is totally aligned with how technology works. These digital habits are affecting their lives immensely. The fact that interfaces give children such an immediacy is affecting their expectations also,’ she adds.

Top five take-outs

1. Harness the power of play. For more on how to do this, read our Ubiquitous Gaming toolkit.

2. Build your brand for future Generation I members. This consumer group will be highly networked and influential.

3. Create immediacy for members of Generation I. They are used to faster cognitive processes.

4. Be a post-stereotype brand. Grouping behaviour patterns around gender is no longer a sure thing.

5. Think lifestyle. Younger people prize lifestyle and meaning over acquisition.

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