Anne Moir : Brain sex equality

22 : 07 : 2013 Brain : Psychology : Brainsex

Brands don’t often link neuropsychology and commerce together. But Dr Anne Moir, author of Brainsex Matters, believes that businesses can gain huge benefits from understanding the intricate ways in which men and women work differently – and by deploying them in different ways.

‘The brains of men and women are biologically different,’ says Moir. ‘They run on different fuels. We think we respond and react to the world in different ways, and so we bring different skills to the workplace.’

Top five take-outs

1. Prepare for the feminised workplace. ‘Fewer boys are leaving university with grades as good as girls,’ says Moir. ‘This is going to filter through to the business world.’

2. Be heterarchical. The model of the boss or alpha male making all the decisions at the head of a company is becoming outdated.

3. Understand brain sex. ‘Understanding people’s minds on a neuropsychological level will breed highly creative teams who can work together effectively,’ says Moir.

4. Shut down the brain police. The pre-frontal cortex is the planning and thinking part of the brain, or as Moir puts it, the ‘policeman’. Shutting this down aids creative thought.

5. Combine males and females in a team. ‘Male and female brains are designed to complement one another,’ says Moir.

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