Alastair Kean : Omni-channel fast fashion

10 : 12 : 2012 Dalziel & Pow : Alastair Kean : Fast Fashion

When it comes to quick and convenient retail, many brands consider e-commerce to be the best option. But according to Alastair Kean, group director at design consultancy Dalziel & Pow, one area of retail moves too quickly for the internet and other digital mediums: fast fashion.

‘Due to the price and the speed of turnover, the internet cannot keep up with demand,’ says Kean. ‘In the modern landscape, the store is the ONLY channel for fast fashion.’

Our top five take-outs

1. Merge all your channels into one. ‘Consumers do not want to know and do not need to know’, says Kean. ‘They just want one channel and that’s the brand.’

2. Play with consumer perceptions. Kean cites Primark as a prime example of a fast fashion brand that plays with consumer perceptions. The brand offers low-cost clothing in stores with an interior similar to that of a premium retailer.

3. Bring digital technology into your store. While you don’t need to have an e-commerce channel, you can still make use of digital technology in your store.

4. Apply the showroom model. If you are a large brand, you can have a small, local presence by opening showrooms where customers can view and purchase the entire range of your stock via touchscreens.

5. Remember the four rules of retail. According to Kean, in order to succeed in retail, you must always put customers first, inspire them to come back, offer your products at the right price at the right time, and have a clear understanding of your products.

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