Simon Mottram: Rapha

21 : 04 : 2017 Rapha : World Retail Congress : Retail

I started Rapha because I was a frustrated customer who felt that the sport could do with so much more, both from a product perspective and from a brand experience perspective.

Simon Mottram, founder, Rapha

The founder of cycling brand Rapha explains why fostering the right company culture has been central to the success of his brand, why he is so obsessed with the concept of the emporium and the challenges of expanding the business to the US.

What this means to your brand

1. To provide the right customer focus as the business expands, Mottram only hires people who are willing to become fully immersed in the sport.

2. Mottram believes creating the right balance of content, commerce and community has been central to creating Rapha’s loyal customer base.

3. Rapha’s retail concept has evolved around the idea of creating a modern emporium that offers consumers a chance to explore every aspect of cycling culture.

4. The brand’s Spitalfields store includes a testing chamber that lets customers test the brand’s clothing in different weather conditions.

5. The success of Rapha’s expansion in the US has been in understanding that it isn’t one homogeneous market, but one that requires differentiation city by city.