Foster + Partners: David Nelson

11 : 04 : 2017 Civic Brands : Pollution : Whole-system Thinking

The problems we face today are so complex that it is no longer possible for one organisation or person to solve the issues facing cities in the future.

David Nelson, co-head of design, Foster + Partners​

The co-head of design at Foster + Partners speaks about the important role that collaboration, long-term thinking and civic responsibility will play in the success of future cities and society.

What this means to your brand

1. Urbanisation and rising levels of pollution have given campaigners, architects and politicians clear grounds to radically rethink the city of the future.

2. Smart cities now have the potential to tackle issues such as how to conveniently distribute food, create jobs and tackle waste.

3. As seen in The Internet of Energy, the fuel stations of the future will be found in dislocated networks that span automobiles, offices and smart streets.

4. Collaborative Brands that partner with other organisations are key to innovation. Being open to change will unlock new thinking.

5. The importance of long-term thinking cannot be overstated. While a project may cost more in the short term, its long term benefits may far outweigh the expenditure.

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