Rosemary Reed: Infinfity House

31 : 03 : 2017 Wellness : Virtual Reality : 360 VR

You don’t need any money, you just need your headset and you can experience visionaries or authors or anyone that specialises in their field, without having to travel.

Rosemary Reed, founder, Infinity House and 360° VR

The founder of Infinity House, the first virtual reality (VR) wellness retreat, explains how VR technology will revolutionise the growing wellness market by offering access to content that otherwise would be restricted to a limited audience.

What this means to your brand

1. In providing free content to its users, Infinity House extends the concept of wellness beyond its typical reach.

2. The high-quality design of the space, even in VR, is paramount to creating a genuine feeling of escapism.

3. The next iteration of New Bricolage Living will be designed around VR, with audiences able to access experiences and events from across the world.

4. Using VR enables the digital detox platform to deliver content in an environment best suited to its purpose.

5. VR offers a convenient platform to counteract the stresses of everyday life and help overcome a panic attack, for example, says Reed.