Nadine Chahine: Monotype

21 : 03 : 2017 The Focus Filter : Monotype : Typography

We are reading in environments that never existed before – like reading while crossing the street and looking at a mobile device. Twenty years ago we did not have this kind of mobility while reading.

Nadine Chahine, UK type director and legibility expert, Monotype

The UK type director and legibility expert explains the Monotype and MIT AgeLab collaboration on the Clear Information Presentation Consortium, why the glance is the currency of the age and how design is making it easier to ingest content in short spurts.

What this means to your brand

1. Everything from typeface to typography to ambient lighting affects how a person reads content.

2. Make sure you are creating interfaces that prioritise consumers’ ability to absorb information quickly.

3. In the attention economy, considerate design can help provide a hierarchy of information.

4. People can take in more information at a glance than you might think. ‘The eye is a miracle and the amount that we can see and grasp is phenomenal,’ says Chahine.

5. Designing for quick glances means using design cues that enable readers to process information without being distracted from other tasks.

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