Pegor Papazian: Bazillion Beings

14 : 03 : 2017 Bazillion Beings : Chat Bots : Artificial Intelligence

Businesses are going to realise that there is a lot of money to be made by allowing bots to be consumers.

Pegor Papazian, CEO, Bazillion Beings

The CEO of Bazillion Beings, a company creating an eco-system of autonomous artificially intelligent beings, describes how consumers will soon learn to trust, and even befriend, bots – and why brands will soon have to think of artificially intelligent systems as consumers in their own right.

What this means to your brand

1. Innovators such as Papazian see the future of artificial intelligence as being driven by autonomous, rather than merely reactive, systems.

2. Bazillion Beings’ bots develop unique personalities. Some are conservative in their decision-making and others are more forthright.

3. Once bots start to add real value to users, and earn real-world money, brands will need to consider them as potential customers.

4. In the age of Neo-kinship, consumers will begin to develop loyalty to, and even affection for, their favourite bots.

5. The Lifo (Life form) eco-system created by Bazillion Beings uses an evolutionary framework to develop new bots and decide which should be taken offline.