Carl Bresnahan: Intaglow

06 : 01 : 2017 Intaglow : Phygital Retail : Hologram

The idea of the hologram is to be able to tell the story behind a product in a completely different way that is more immersive than current alternatives.

Carl Bresnahan, founder and creative director, Intaglow

Speaking at our Global Futures Forum, the founder of Intaglow, a technology engineering company, explained why holograms are about more than just images, what advantages they have over virtual reality (VR) and how they can transform retail.

What this means to your brand

1. Move past the image. Bresnahan explains that only by integrating technologies such as gesture control and artificial intelligence will holograms reach their full potential.

2. Never close. A core concept that Intaglow is developing is the ability to use holograms to let consumers browse and buy products outside of store opening hours.

3. Embrace the communal. One of the advantages holograms have over technologies such as VR is that they enable consumers to share experiences easily.

4. Go live. Bresnahan believes that the next big leap for holographic technology will be the ability to scan and stream people or objects in real time.

5. Speak to people face to face. Letting holograms talk virtually to consumers enables brands to develop more engaging forms of storytelling.