Hugh Duffie: Sandows

27 : 09 : 2016 Coffee : Ready To Drink : Sandows

The reason that ready-to-drink servings are becoming so popular in coffee is that we are getting closer to replicating the quality that consumers are used to from cafés in a product that you can take anywhere.

Hugh Duffie, co-founder, Sandows

The co-founder of Sandows cold brew coffee discusses the ready-to-drink revolution, creating countertop theatre and an artisanal product available from café to supermarket.

What this means to your brand

1. Be theatrical. Sandows’ new nitro cold brew is served from a tap and settles like stout, creating more interest at the counter.

2. Borrow from other sectors. Duffie aims to imitate widget technology from the beer industry to create a nitro cold brew can.

3. Cut calories naturally. Cold brew tastes smoother and sweeter than traditionally brewed coffee, without the need for sugar.

4. Promote provenance without pastiche. Sandows positions itself as a modern British brand without resorting to heritage stereotypes.

5. Make it mobile. The key to Sandows’ success has been matching the quality of barista-produced coffee in a ready-to-drink format.

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