Ivor Williams: App therapy

12 : 01 : 2016 Awakening Tech : Cove : Wellbeing Apps
Ivor Williams Inform

There’s a need for people to express the grey areas of life and to communicate those expressions to other people. 

Ivor Williams, co-founder, Cove

The Cove app enables anyone to convey how they feel by making music. By removing all of the established language of music-making, the field of expressive composition is opened up to everyone. Conventional musical script is replaced by animated imagery of water and stones, used to represent the layers of sound that go into a musical piece. 

Different tracks can be created in line with different moods and types of feeling, using a library of different sounds and chords that the app has organised according to basic musical theory. 

Fitting with Humane Engineering’s broader remit, Cove hopes to enable young people in particular to process and cope with their emotional reactions to life – especially in challenging circumstances. The app is intended as a support service in addition to clinical treatment or counselling and therapy.

Top five take-outs

1. Emotional apps are proliferating as the next wave of technology softens the connected experience.

2. Using emotional experiences through mediums such as music can draw challenging demographics to products and services.

3. An increasing number of start-ups are looking to serve society with technology-enabled wellbeing and health offers.

4. As mindfulness and holistic health become further integrated into mainstream thinking more attention is turning to mental and emotional states.

5. Creating fresh-thinking interfaces can lead people through transformative and intimate experiences in simple and unthreatening ways.