Sarah LaFleur: Online personal styling

03 : 11 : 2015 Online Referral Commerce : E-commerce : The Athena Woman
Sarah Lafleur Inform

The best technology is the technology you can’t see. I never want our customers to feel like a robot picked their clothes.

Sarah LaFleur, founder, MM.LaFleur

Sarah LaFleur describes how she combines the efficiency of smart algorithms with a human touch to deliver targeted capsule workwear packages.

Top five take outs

1. Take charge. Retain control over the customer experience, from online interaction to product design and manufacturing.

2. Listen carefully. Answer requests for curated content or products with personal attention and consideration.

3. Streamline. When designing customer surveys, use direct questions that can be answered quickly and intuitively.

4. Stay human. Blend the speed and ease of online shopping with human responses and thoughtful touches to foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Feminise innovation. Offer fresh, digitally enabled lifestyle solutions to women under pressure to perform across all areas of their lives.

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