Jonathan Openshaw: Postdigital Artisans

02 : 06 : 2015 Digital : Daniel Arsham : Postdigital

We’re learning our visual culture through the screen.

Jonathan Openshaw, author of Postdigital Artisans

LS:N Global editor Jonathan Openshaw’s new book investigates the post-digital world through its most brilliant artisans. Post-digital, he says, ‘doesn’t mean digital has gone, it means digital is everywhere’.

​Top five take-outs

1. Go post-digital. We couldn’t escape the online world now, even if we tried.

2. Blend the online and offline. With nine hours a day looking at screens, our offline behaviour will be shaped by our online interactions.

3. Expand your view of artisans. Digital can be craft too.

4. Digitise your materials. Post-digital artisans make traditional materials act as if they are made of pixels.

5. Embrace technology. Respect for the past can be combined with the best of the present.