José de Cabo: Being authentic

14 : 04 : 2015 Retail Experience : Jose De Cabo : Olapic
Jose de Cabo, co-founder of Olapic

Every day millions of people around the world post pictures of products to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Olapic helps brands to tap into this treasure trove of authentic marketing material for use in their e-commerce, newsletters and visual marketing.

‘The social conversation is happening anyway,’ says José de Cabo, co-founder of Olapic. By engaging with it, brands can not only find useful images but also open up a dialogue with consumers in what de Cabo describes as ‘a powerful one-to-one marketing tool’.

Brands that use authentic visual marketing can expect e-commerce conversion to increase by between 5% and 10%, according to Olapic’s research. 

Consumers, used to authentic content on their social media feeds, respond more favourably to marketing that feels honest and trustworthy, created by the consumer for the consumer. 

‘In a few years from now, we expect that consumers won’t know how they bought something online without seeing how it looks in real life, and that is the small revolution we are hoping to be part of,’ says de Cabo.

Top five take-outs

1. Use your visual marketing. Find the right balance between branded and original content to be both aspirational and honest.

2. Be authentic. Let your Insta-Real brand advocates speak for you to resonate with Millennial consumers.

3. Be humble. Don’t be afraid to approach your consumers and thank them for their commitment to the brand. A little thought goes a long way towards brand loyalty.

4. Be part of the conversation. User-generated content is the perfect conversation-starter between brands and consumers.

5. Let your customers tell your story. Successful Transmedia marketing uses the social web as a platform for imaginative, captivating content that can elevate your brand message.