Sophia George : Video games as art

27 : 01 : 2014 Games Imitate Art : Video Games As Art : Video Games

Sophia George never planned to be the first ever games designer-in-residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She never explicitly planned to go into the tech sector at all, because she always considered herself an artist. ‘When I’ve been nominated for Women in Tech awards, I find it very strange,’ George tells LS:N Global. ‘I feel like more of a woman in the arts.’

George found herself at the V&A after the success of her first iPad game, the BAFTA-winning Tick Tock Toys. A major museum recruiting a games designer is a huge coup for the gaming industry, which has increasingly been making the argument that video games can be art. ‘Games design is loads of different art forms coming together to create something creative – it’s not just programming,’ says George.

During her time at the museum, George is looking at the works in the British Galleries to create a game that converges the two genres and is as intricate as the art that inspires it.

Top five take-outs

1. Don’t be narrow-minded. The games industry is filled with creative people, from sound engineers to programmers and illustrators. Take advantage of the full breadth of skills on offer.

2. Pop culture is still culture. Games are an apt way to connect to everyone from children to adults on a multitude of platforms.

3. Simplicity is powerful. George’s Tick Tock Toys may appear straightforward, but the puzzle-game is immediately immersive.

4. Beyond being fun, video games are the perfect way to educate. ‘Games change how we experience art,’ says George, and they can change how we experience other genres as well.

5. Gaming has often been considered low brow, but as can be see in our Games Imitate Art micro trend, games are becoming the most popular form of entertainment, with more fans than music and films.