The Athena way: Ideas for the modern woman

22 : 12 : 2013 Boozette Brands : Re-enlightenment Rising : Mantasy

The Athena Woman has had quite a year. But she’s not one to flop on the sofa and start downing the egg nog.

Instead, she’ll be looking for Reality Check Branding campaigns that inspire her with real women, and give her something thoughtful to buy her friends or herself.

For a bit of festive cheer, she has her eye on Boozette Brands that have beautiful packaging, without being girly.

She wants to keep her skin looking good through the winter with Re-enlightenment Beauty products that combine scientific performance with natural ingredients. But she won’t pick up any items without first looking to Community Commerce, where she can catch up with peer reviews and relax in a women-friendly retail space.

In a spare moment, she may spend some time reading Mantasy Blogs such as My Daguerreotype Boyfriend, or pick up a Womazine such as Libertine. She may even indulge in a Sensory Splurge as a sensual holiday treat.

She’ll also be looking after her wellness with stress-reducing products because she knows better than anyone that Stress is the New Fat. And she won’t forget to pull on her trainers, plug in her Fem Tech and work up a Sexy Sweat.

Yes, the Athena Woman, whether she is a No-Mo or a Mo-Mo, knows how to treat herself. She is spending on DINK holidays and New Female Status Symbols, because the Athena Woman knows better than anybody that She Comes First.

Happy holidays to all the Athena Women worldwide from LS:N Global.

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