Scents of imagination: Perfumes with back stories

20 : 11 : 2013 Inspiration : Factional : Fictional

Portland, Oregon – A new celebrity perfume appears almost every week, but Imaginary Authors has quietly been making a name for itself by using fictional celebrity authors as the inspiration for its fragrances.

The description of each scent reveals a story about the author, his or her novel and how it relates to the perfume itself. L’Orchidée Terrible, for instance, is a fragrance of orchid, white musk and honey notes. This combination of scents was inspired by the imaginary Audrey Blavot, a nom-de-plume for the reclusive author of a novel of the same name about 1950s Paris. The fragrance is described as ‘tragically glamorous [and] will introduce allure to an otherwise humdrum little black dress’.

Why go to all the trouble, you might ask? Why not take inspiration from Hemingway or Plath? ‘With real authors there would be a preconceived notion about how the scent should work,’ founder Josh Meyer tells LS:N Global about the company’s unique branding. ‘When they are all fake, we get to make it up, as well as give readers an idea of how the scent should work and smell even before they get their nose on it.’

Storytelling is a way for brands to create a connection on a more personal and emotional level. For more, read our Faction Marketing macrotrend.

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