Northern light: Hotel inspired by Icelandic sky

05 : 11 : 2013 Hotel : Iceland : Hotel Design

Reykjavík – Being so close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland has daylight in abundance in the summer. The country’s varying shades of daylight and the ancient Icelandic calendar Rímtafla were the inspirations for the interiors of the Reykjavík Lights Hotel by architecture studio Tark and design studio HAF.

The hotel is organised into 12 corridors, each corresponding to a month in the ancient calendar, and each room is visually linked to a specific day in the calendar. One room evokes the mood of the midnight sun, for instance, while another represents the multi-faceted colours of the Northern Lights.

In addition to the colour scheme, ancient Icelandic runes inspired the typography in the hotel and constellations that can be seen from Iceland decorate the walls of the lobby.

Digital oversaturation means that designers and artists are increasingly turning towards nature for inspiration. The celestial references of the Reykjavík Lights Hotel can be seen in our Re-enlightenment Rising macrotrend, where we explore how a sprinkling of stardust is being used to entice consumer interest.

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