Peace package: Installation lightens the load

26 : 03 : 2013 Escapism : Lantern : Gasometer Oberhausen

Germany – A new installation for the Gasometer Oberhausen called Big Air Package, which looks like an inflated lantern, offers visitors a space of calm and peace.

In today’s hectic, hyper-connected world, consumers are increasingly seeking to escape and turning towards brands that offer them a way to unwind and disconnect, as we reported in our The New Sublimity macrotrend.

Big Air Package, created by artists Christo and Jean-Claude, consists of 20,350 square metres of semi-transparent polyester fabric inflated by air and 4,500 metres of polypropylene rope.

The structure, 90 metres high and 50 metres wide, occupies almost the whole gasometer. Two fans constantly working at 27 pascal keep the installation intact. Visitors can walk around the structure or go inside.

With the white aesthetic of the polyester, the humming of the fans and the skylights of the gasometer lighting up the area, this space appears tranquil and restful, eclipsing visitors from the stresses of the outside world.

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