Cream of the crop: Rural recipe for Urban Harvest

17 : 03 : 2013 Grow Your Own : Rural : Sebastiaan Sennema

Netherlands – Dutch designer Sebastiaan Sennema has created the All-In-One Kitchen Station, part of the Urban Harvest series designed to bring rural cultivation to the urban home.

City dwellers are increasingly turning to living more rurally, growing their own food, consuming small-scale brands and rejecting global corporations, as we reported in our Rurban Revolution macrotrend.

The Urban Harvest series is a food preparation platform consisting of three key components. A worm bin converts cooking scraps into compost, while the flat work surface acts as a chopping board, complete with spaces for herb pots, compartments to catch vegetable peelings and a water bottle that collects run-off water. The final element is a cooler where vegetables and other foods can be stored. 

With its simple yet sophisticated design, the Urban Harvest series combines a modern functioning kitchen with the traditions of rural living, enabling users to go back to basics to reconnect with what they are eating.

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