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01 : 01 : 2013 LS:N Global : Australia's Convivial Apps : Food Rave

London – A travel experience by LS:N Global would be a study in extremes. Because we couldn’t choose just one, we would have to combine a journey into the heart of a global city with a detoxifying escape to the fringes of modern life.

Several regional pairings come to mind: São Paulo and the Amazon rainforest, Sydney and the tribal regions of Papua New Guinea, and Beijing and the highlands of Tibet.

First, we would take advantage of the trend for App Travel to book our city hotel stay on the go. We would also use apps such as Laplication, created by the Lapland tourism authorities, to visualise our life off the grid in the days leading up to our journey to the hinterland. 

In the global megacity of our choosing, we would have ample opportunities to experience Conviviality Culture. In São Paulo, we would dive into the Food Rave atmosphere of O Mercado. In Sydney, we would navigate the city with Australia’s Convivial Apps and check out its sustainable markets. And in Beijing, we would stop by Great Leap Brewing for a taste of its Rurban microbrews. 

Our escape into the wild would be inspired by the trend for Last Chance Travel, which sees people heading off in search of the planet’s disappearing landscapes and cultures. But, equally, we would insist on Sustainable Luxury throughout the experience to make our footprint as small as possible. 

One thing we would not insist on is connectivity. We would lock up our mobiles and take a few days for internet-free contemplation, as we saw in New Sublimity Tourism. Having sampled urban trends and returned home with a clear head, guests would never forget an LS:N Global travel itinerary.

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