Humans since 1982 Humans since 1982
Humans since 1982 Humans since 1982

Appliance of science: Clock-watching in Basel

12 : 06 : 2012 Design : Basel : Art Basel

Basel – Swedish and German design duo Humans Since 1982’s latest work, presented at the Design Miami/ exhibition in Basel, takes a scientific approach to machinery, categorising and archiving technology like natural history.

‘People have butterfly collections, and here we archive industrial products on a semi-scientific level to give them more value,’ Swedish designer Bastian Bischoff tells LS:N Global.

The exhibition, entitled Form Follows Fascination, featured Collection of Light, a display cabinet showing a collection of 400 LED labelled components, which together form a large abstract lamp.

The designers also presented Clock Clock White, a large powder-coated aluminium, analogue clock interface that changes formation every two minutes to display the time in words and visuals, an aesthetic reminiscent of LS:N Global’s Data, Visualised design direction from London Design Festival 2011.

For more coverage from Design Miami/Basel this week, keep an eye on our Seed and Shows sections.

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