Light rest: Hotel helps guests sleep soundly

22 : 02 : 2012 Paris : Hotel-Dieu : Wakefulness

Paris – The Hôtel Plaza Athénée has introduced cutting-edge sleep technology that stimulates your hormones to encourage sleep.

The technology, called NightCove, is a bedside lamp that emits lightwaves and sound frequencies that help you sleep. Guests can choose functions such as sleep, anti-jetlag and nap.

In sleep mode, red light is diffused to stimulate the sleep hormone, melatonin, while the sound of gently rippling waves helps cardiac rhythm to slow down gradually. In the wakening setting, a blue light similar to daylight is accompanied by soft music that slowly becomes louder, gently bringing guests to wakefulness.

The technology was developed by professor Damien Léger, head of the sleep clinic at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris, and the light was created by French designer Patrick Jouin.

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