Okite, Tokyo Okite, Tokyo
Okite, Tokyo Okite, Tokyo
Okite, Tokyo Okite, Tokyo

Appy daze: Japanese app company causes alarm

08 : 09 : 2011 Twitter : Embarrassing Messages : Morning

Tokyo – A new iPhone app called Okite from Japanese app developer Eureka is stopping people from hitting the snooze button on their alarms in the mornings.

When the app is installed, users can set an alarm on their iPhone. But if they press the snooze button when it goes off, the app posts embarrassing messages to their Twitter accounts. Default messages include ‘dressed as a sailor now’ and ‘not enough talented people like me in the world’.

Using embarrassment as an incentive in this way makes this a great example of Prohibition Culture. For a similar example, read our Seed story on the Reebok Promise Keeper.

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