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Delli’s community-led food ‘drops’ enable waste-free trading, Pronovias promotes life-long bridalwear and Generation Z abstain from drinking coffee.

CES 2022: A kitchen appliance for recycling at home

Lasso, US

Las Vegas – Circumventing the often complicated government guidelines that prevent many well-meaning home-owners from recycling properly, the Lasso Loop takes the circular economy into its own hands. With the mission of preventing re-usable materials from ever reaching landfill, the domestic appliance allows consumers to recycle in their own homes.

Maximising convenience and utility, the Lasso Loop is a compact appliance that recycles seven of the most common plastics, glass and metals. It can clean and decontaminate items, before crushing or shredding them. Once the appliance is full, an app can be used to organise kerbside collection. ‘The current kerbside recycling system is broken and inefficient, recycling only 9% of goods and requiring relentless mining, extraction and processing of virgin material, which perpetuates pollution on our planet,’ explains Aldous Hicks co-founder of Lasso Loop.

While the Lasso Loop’s launch price of £2,565 ($3,500, €3,087) makes it a luxury for most homes, its development points to the future of domestic waste management. To read about the other technological innovations poised to enter the domestic space, readers can consult Five Future Home Scenarios for 2050.

Strategic opportunity

While the Lasso Loop hints at a future of homes with in-built recycling and storage facilities for waste material, for now consumer goods companies can use their packaging to better educate people on recycling processes

Delli’s anti-waste app connects food lovers and suppliers

Delli, UK Delli, UK
Delli, London Delli, London

London – Created by the founders of Depop, Delli is a community-orientated platform for both food lovers and those working in the food sector. With the aim of elevating access, storytelling and sustainability in food, the Delli app provides a network for sharing ingredients, recipes and personal food stories, alongside 'drops' from food sellers that help them to mitigate food waste.

These drops will enable producers and sellers to try new ingredients without wasting resources. By taking this zero-waste, small-batch approach, Delli also promotes connections between cooks, suppliers and food lovers in local communities. Throughout the past two years, the hospitality industry moved away from the high street and into our local neighbourhoods and people’s kitchens,’ explains Simon Beckerman, CEO and founder of Delli. ‘The sentiment of sustainability that has come out of the hardship is what Delli is based on.

While community-led food experiences have been growing in recent years – as explored in our Kindred Diners Community such networks will increasingly evolve to centre around sustainable approaches to food and drink.

Strategic opportunity

Beyond food and drink, sectors such as fashion and beauty could create similar networks that promote community and sustainability as a shared pursuit

Pronovias is giving bridalwear a second life

UK – Reflecting the growth of greener attitudes in the wedding sector, luxury bridal brand Pronovias is promoting circularity among brides, with the unveiling of a second life initiative. A total of 70 gown styles are included in the scheme, which encourages brides to extend the life of their dress beyond their wedding day. Using an alteration service, they can adjust the length, remove sleeves or add belt straps, among other options. Pronovias is also offering 'inspiration' looks on its website, to show brides how their dress can be re-worn for parties or anniversaries.

In this way, the brand is empowering its customers to see greater value in their dress, while also contributing to a more circular bridal industry. Bridal fashion is not exactly known for its circularity,’ says Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias. ‘Second Life is a step towards rectifying this and pushing the sector towards better sustainability standards.

As more consumers develop an awareness of sustainable fashion behaviours, growing interest in clothing longevity is prompting more brands to offer convertible clothing that can adapt, change or grow with the wearer.

Pronovias, Global Pronovias, Global

Strategic opportunity

Retailers offering products for specific life stages – such as occassionwear or maternity wear – must take responsibility for the full lifecycle of their garments. Consider creating clothes swap schemes, alteration services or takeback initiatives

Stat: Nearly half of Generation Z never drink coffee

Starbucks, Global Starbucks, Global

Known as the staple drink of most morning routines, new research by YouGov reveals that coffee might be falling out of favour among younger consumers. With 46% of Generation Z in the UK stating that they do not drink coffee at home or in the workplace, coffee brands are facing a challenge to engage and entice this audience.

When asked whether there is ‘no such thing as too much coffee’, 61% of Gen Z respondents disagreed, the highest percentage of all the generations surveyed. In contrast, Millennial and Generation X consumers had the largest share of coffee devotees, with 32% citing there’s no such thing as too much coffee.

While fewer members of Gen Z are incorporating coffee into their daily routines, the study shows that for those who do drink coffee, taste and price are given as key motivations, alongside convenience (20%). This gives coffee brands insight into where they can market to this audience or use targeted advertising to reach new consumers.

Strategic opportunity

When it comes to Generation Z, convenience is key. Companies should consider rebranding their instant coffees to appear more youthful

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