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Scouts supports pandemic pre-schoolers with Squirrels programme, TikTok launches a radio channel and US political ideologies inform climate beliefs.

Scouts aid development for post-pandemic Gen Alpha

The Squirrels programme by Scouts, designed by Supple Studio
The Squirrels programme by Scouts, UK
The Squirrels programme by Scouts, designed by Supple Studio

UK – Children’s extracurricular organisation Scouts is expanding its offering to welcome 4–5-year-olds. In a programme called Squirrels, young children will be encouraged to explore outdoor areas, make new friends and learn new skills. This offshoot comes as a response to the isolation that pre-school and reception-aged children have experienced during the pandemic.

Squirrels will initially be launched in areas that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. And with its focus on outdoor areas, the programme also ensures that nature remains accessible to all young people. Squirrels is part of our commitment to help young people, families and communities come back stronger from the pandemic,’ says Matt Hyde, CEO of Scouts. If you’re four, you’ve spent a third of your life in lockdowns. We know this has especially impacted children in communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

By offering such a service, Scouts is pro-actively responding to the development needs of Generation Alpha – and looking beyond the content of conventional school curriculums.

Strategic opportuity

Educational organisations should think beyond textbook learning when catering to young children. Facilitate social connections, outdoor experiences and initiatives that instil confidence for face-to-face interactions

Hollister Good Vibras champions Latinx creators

Hollister Good Vibras with Gale (@gale_oficial) Hollister Good Vibras with Gale (@gale_oficial)
Hollister Good Vibras with Gale (@gale_oficial) Hollister Good Vibras with Gale (@gale_oficial)

US – In a bid to connect with new audiences, clothing retailer Hollister is launching a long-term programme to support the Latinx creator community. For the initiative, Hollister Good Vibras, the brand will work with emerging Latinx creators across the fashion, music and comedy verticals on Instagram and TikTok. To mark the launch, the brand is also releasing a bilingual, made-for-TikTok hip hop album that was produced by the collective.

In ongoing initiatives Hollister will tap into the Good Vibras community to co-create branded content. By doing this, the brand recognises the importance of working directly with Generation Z to inform brand decisions – particularly when reaching specific cultural groups. ‘Our customers made it clear that they not only love seeing Latinx representation within the creators we work with, but also wanted more programmes developed specifically for the Latinx community,’ says Kristin Scott, global brand president at Abercrombie & Fitch Co, the parent brand of Hollister.

Despite being one of America’s largest multicultural groups, Hispanic audiences have historically been left uncatered for. Now, the community’s emerging youth are galvanised to redefine their representation.

Strategic opportunity

It’s no longer enough to profile diverse faces when targeting Generation Z. Retailers should take cues from this initiative and create opportunities for collaboration and co-creation with young audiences

TikTok sounds out a creator-led radio channel

Global – The social media platform is diversifying its offering by moving into the radio business. Launched on streaming service SiriusXM, TikTok Radio takes inspiration from the platform’s curated For You Feed, with a group of TikTok creators presenting music and discussing trending songs. Part of its programming will also include takeovers by other members of the TikTok community.

As the platform continues to prove its usefulness as a music discovery tool, the decision to branch out into radio is likely to appeal to both TikTok users and broader music fan bases. Our ground-breaking new channel with TikTok is a first-of-its-kind, capturing the pulse of global music culture, and the vibrancy and vitality found on the entertaining social platform recreated as a full-time music channel on live national radio and our streaming platforms,’ said Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer at SiriusXM.

While the medium of radio is generally seen as a traditional outlet, recent innovations are reviving the sector to reach new audiences and take on new purposes.

TikTok Radio

Strategic opportunity

Radio channels are enjoying renewed interest. Brands working across retail, hospitality and leisure should take note of this shift in media and entertainment – and diversify their communications to welcome curated music shows

Stat: US right-wingers less responsive to climate change

Fashion Values. Photography by Nadira Amrani Fashion Values. Photography by Nadira Amrani

Across the globe, people on the left of the political spectrum are generally more open than those on the right to taking personal steps to reduce the effects of climate change. According to a study by Pew Research Center, this mindset is particularly apparent among US citizens.

The research shows that left-wing US citizens are more than twice as likely as those with right-wing beliefs (94% versus 45%) to modify how they live due to climate change. Meanwhile, those in Canada (98% versus 72%), The Netherlands (84% versus 59%) and Australia (90% versus 67%) are similarly divided when it comes to beliefs about responding to the climate crisis.

Tapping into these ideological differences, environmental organisations are experimenting with messaging designed to appeal to those with more conservative beliefs. One example is Among Equals’ climate campaign, which uses war-time language to communicate the urgent need to address the climate crisis.

Strategic opportunity

To reach diverse audiences on climate change issues, make sure to adapt your language and visual identity to reflect different ideological standpoints. Avoid conventional eco-conscious strategies that will only resonate with early adopters

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