Preview: Brands target marketing at American everyman

08.05.2017 Advertising : Marketing : Branding
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US – To reach a wider audience, brands are celebrating everyday successes and remaining true to their core identities.

Growing income disparity in the US has left a large segment of the American population turning inwards, holding on to local ties and value systems.

‘The New Heartland is an underserved, overlooked cultural segment that offers a great opportunity for brands that take the time to understand it,’ Paul Jankowski, president of the New Heartland Group, tells LS:N Global, speaking on the values of this vast segment. ‘Faith, ties to community, family, patriotism, keeping your word – these core values bubble to the top.’

Brands such as MillerCoors are scrapping aspirational hipster marketing in favour of more traditional values-based marketing to speak to a demographic outside of coastal cities. In 2016 it scrapped its I Am Rich campaign and revived its 1970s slogan ‘If you've got the time, we've got the beer’.

The Big Picture

  • American values such as hard work and community may be more important than aspirational internet influencers in some markets
  • For more on why it is essential to consider marketing outside of key cities in the US, see our latest microtrend American Values Marketing
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