Woom Center, New York Woom Center, New York
Woom Center, New York Woom Center, New York
Woom Center, New York Woom Center, New York
Woom Center, New York Woom Center, New York

Sound yoga

20 : 01 : 2017 Zoned-out Spaces : Drop-in Mindfulness : Woom Center

New York – Woom Center is a new yoga and meditation studio that employs sound vibration to create a therapeutic, multisensory experience.

  • Co-founded by Elian Zach-Shemesh and David Zach-Shemesh
  • The space consists of a Sound Playroom, vegan restaurant and lounge area

As Drop-in Mindfulness continues to grow in popularity, it has a new reincarnation in the Woom Center, which augments its easily accessible yoga and meditation sessions with a first-of-its kind immersive sound system. Visual projections designed by Dan Baker and Bradley Leinhardt respond to the sound vibrations to create a 3D immersive experience.

During designated segments of the yoga classes visitors are invited to wear an eye-mask in order to block visual stimuli and focus participants’ minds more fully on the session. The classes are augmented by a custom-designed blend of essential oils created to stimulate the olfactory system.

‘In our over-stimulated society, people have trouble focusing their attention,’ Elian told the Observer. ‘At Woom, there is no way not to focus on the yoga experience, as there is something new to see every time you fold yourself into an inversion.’

The Big Picture

The Woom Center takes the powerful, abstract visuals explored in Zoned-out Spaces to a new level by introducing audio and olfactory elements. By denying visual stimuli at certain points the project promotes the ability to focus in a world that often overloads our senses.

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